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May 24, 2022Memorial Day REPOSTWhat does it mean to honor those who have died in service to our country on Memorial Day?, , memorial-day military observances
May 13, 2022The Supreme Court: The Conference & Writing Draft OpinionsWhat happens after a case has been argued before the Supreme Court but before an official opinion is rendered?, judicial supreme-court
April 22, 2022U.S. Supreme Court ConfirmationIs it unusual for U.S. Supreme Court confirmation votes to fall along party lines?, , , checks-and-balances president senate supreme-court
April 5, 2022Presidential VetoesWhat are vetoes and how do they work?, , , , checks-and-balances congress executive president veto
April 4, 2022Female Firsts: Shirley ChisholmIt’s Women’s History Month. Learn about the nation’s first Black Congresswoman., , , , congress elections legislative observances womens-history-month
April 4, 2022Female Firsts: Francis PerkinsIt’s Women’s History Month. Learn about the first woman to ever serve in a presidential cabinet position., , , cabinet executive observances womens-history-month
March 21, 2022Emmitt Till Antilynching ActWhat does the Emmitt Till Antilynching Act do and why is it significant?, , antilynching civil-rights legislative
March 18, 2022Female Firsts: Seneca Falls ConventionIt’s Women’s History Month. Learn about the first women’s rights convention held in the United States., , observances voting-rights womens-history-month
March 18, 2022Female Firsts: New HampshireIt’s Women’s History Month. Learn about a U.S. state reaching milestones in women’s history before others., , observances state-government womens-history-month
March 11, 2022Female Firsts: Kamala HarrisIt’s Women’s History Month. Learn about the first woman elected vice-president., , observances vice-president womens-history-month
March 11, 2022Female Firsts: Jeannette RankinIt’s Women’s History Month. Learn about the first woman elected to the U.S. Congress., , congress observances womens-history-month
March 8, 2022SanctionsWhat are sanctions and are they effective?, , economics foreign-policy sanctions
March 3, 2022Female Firsts: Sandra Day O’ConnorIt’s Women’s History Month. Learn about the first woman to be nominated and serve on the U.S. Supreme Court., , , judicial observances supreme-court womens-history-month
March 1, 2022NATO, Russia, & UkraineHow do alliances shape international relations?, , foreign-policy international-organization nato
February 24, 2022Civics Connection Spotlight: Forgotten Black CemeteriesIt’s Black History Month. Let’s take a look at the recent discovery of forgotten Black cemeteries., , , black-history-month jim-crow legislative observances
February 23, 2022Civics Connection Spotlight: The Stanton SchoolIt’s Black History Month. Let’s take a look at Florida’s first secondary school for Black students., , , black-history-month education observances stanton
February 22, 2022The Docket: The Case of the Praying Football CoachDoes the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause protect public school employees when they briefly and quietly pray?, , first-amendment the-docket the-legal-system
February 17, 2022Civics Connection Spotlight: Battle of OlusteeIt’s Black History Month. Let’s take a look at the heroic role Black soldiers played during Florida’s largest Civil War battle., , , , , 13th-amendment 14th-amendment 15th-amendment black-history-month observances olustee
February 15, 2022Civics Connection Spotlight: EatonvilleIt’s Black History Month. Let’s take a look at the nation’s first all-Black town., , black-history-month local-government observances
February 14, 2022Presidents’ DayWhat is the truth about Presidents’ Day?, observances presidents-day
February 10, 2022Civics Connection Spotlight: Adderley v. FloridaIt’s Black History Month. Let’s take a look at a student-led protest that became a famous Supreme Court case., , , , black-history-month first-amendment judicial observances the-legal-system
February 8, 2022Civics Connection Spotlight: The Ocoee Election Day MassacreIt’s Black History Month. Let’s take a look at how a Central FL town fought, and died for the right to vote., , , , 15th-amendment black-history-month observances ocoee voting
February 4, 2022Civics Connection Spotlight: Josiah T. WallsIts Black History Month. Let’s take a look at the legacy of Josiah T. Walls, , , , black-history-month congress elections josiah-t-walls observances
February 2, 2022Civics Connection Spotlight: Harry T. MooreIt’s Black History Month. Let’s take a look at the impact of Harry T. Moore on the civil rights movement., , , , , , black-history-month civil-rights groveland-four harry-t-moore lynching observances voting
February 1, 2022Inflation & Presidential ApprovalWhat role does inflation play in presidential approval and how does it impact elections?, , , economics elections executive inflation
January 25, 2022The Docket: Korematsu v. U.S.Celebrating Fred T. Korematsu Day: Why his story matters, , , civil-liberties observances the-docket the-legal-system
January 18, 2022The Docket: Plessy v. FergusonWhy does the pardon of Homer Plessy matter and what makes it significant?, , pardons the-docket the-legal-system
January 11, 2022Dr. Martin Luther King, JrHow do acts of service honor the legacy of Dr. King?, , , , civic-skills civil-rights martin-luther-king-jr observances voting-rights
January 4, 2022Jury SelectionHow are juries selected and what does “jury of peers” really mean?, juries the-legal-system
December 13, 2021Special ElectionsWhat is a special congressional election and how might they be used to play politics?, , , elections legislative running-for-office voting
December 6, 2021The 80th Anniversary of Pearl HarborHow did Pearl Harbor serve to unify the country?, , observances pearl-harbor unity
December 1, 2021The Global Common GoodWhat are the barriers to addressing global common good issues and can they be overcome?, , climate international-organizations the-u-s-and-the-world
November 17, 2021George Washington’s Thanksgiving (REPOST)How was Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation connected to the Founding Documents of the United States?, observances thanksgiving
November 8, 2021The Military Oath of EnlistmentFor Veterans’ Day: what is the importance of the military’s oath of enlistment?, , military the-founding u-s-constitution
November 3, 2021Special SessionsWhat are special sessions of a state or federal legislature?, , , covid-19 federal-government legislative special-sessons
October 29, 2021The Docket: The Case of the Shackled ConvictCan shackles prejudice a jury?, , 6th-amendment the-docket the-legal-system
October 19, 2021Executive PrivilegeWhat does the president have the right to keep private?, executive federal-government
October 12, 2021The Debt LimitWhat is the debt limit and why does it matter?, , budget federal-government legislative
October 5, 2021Continuing Resolutions and Government ShutdownsWhat are continuing resolutions and how do they impact the federal budget?, , , budget federal-government legislative resolutions
September 28, 2021The Docket: The Case of the Boston Marathon BomberWas a defendant in a terror case denied his right to an impartial jury?, , , , , 14th-amendment 5th-amendment 6th-amendment boston-bombing the-docket the-legal-system
September 21, 2021Vaccine MandatesWhat is the history and constitutional implication of a vaccine mandate?, covid-19 federal-government
September 14, 2021Recall ElectionsWhat exactly is a recall election and do they ever work?, , elections recall running-for-office
September 13, 2021Constitution DayWhat is actually in the US Constitution?, , observances u-s-constitution visual-literacy
September 10, 2021The 20th Anniversary of 9/11What impact did 9/11 have on civic life in the United States?, , 9-11 civic-skills observances
August 31, 2021GerrymanderingWhat is gerrymandering and how does it impact representation in Congress?, , , elections federal-government gerrymandering state-legislature
August 27, 2021Afghanistan: Return to YesterdayWhat does the return of the Taliban mean for the principles of freedom and democracy?, foreign-policy the-u-s-and-the-world
August 19, 2021Select CommitteesWhat is the role of the committee system in Congress?, , committees congress federal-government
August 11, 2021The Promise of the DeclarationWhat are the Founding Principles of the United States of America?, , doi natural-rights the-founding
August 9, 2021The Docket: Case UpdatesLet’s revisit some of the cases decided by the Supreme Court in the last session., , judicial the-docket the-legal-system
June 18, 2021Juneteenth National Independence DayHow does Juneteenth represent efforts to live up to the promises of our Founding Documents?, , civil-rights juneteenth observances
June 14, 2021Flag DayWhat is the origin and meaning of Flag Day?, flag-day observances
June 4, 2021Remembering TulsaHow have we struggled to live up to the promises of the Founders?, , , declaration-of-independence observances rights tulsa
May 27, 2021Memorial DayWhat does it mean to honor those who have died in service to our country on Memorial Day?, , memorial-day military observances
May 20, 2021Colonial PipelineHow is infrastructure in the US impacted by cybersecurity?, , cyber-security federal-contracts federal-government
May 12, 2021The Docket: NCAA v AlstonJust what does antitrust law have to do with college sports?, , , antitrust-laws judicial the the-docket
May 7, 2021Vaccine PassportsWhat is a vaccine passport and how might it impact us?, , covid-19 federal-government federalism
April 28, 2021The Docket: Edwards v. VannoyShould jury verdicts have to be unanimous for conviction?, , , judicial juries the-docket the-legal-system
April 22, 2021The Modern Vice PresidencyHow did Walter Mondale change the role of the Vice President?, , executive federal-government vice-president
April 13, 2021The 26th AmendmentOld Enough to Fight, Old Enough to Vote?, , 26th-amendment my-rights-and-liberties voting
April 6, 2021Voting ReformWhat is happening with voting laws following the 2020 presidential election?, , , elections federalism running-for-office voting
March 31, 2021The Docket: Lange v. CaliforniaAre there limits to the Fourth Amendment?, , , , 4th-amendment judicial search-seizure the-docket the-legal-system
March 23, 2021The Docket: Fulton v. City of PhiladelphiaHow can public policy decisions be impacted by the First Amendment?, , , , 1st-amendment judicial religious-freedom the-docket the-legal-system
March 16, 2021The Shadow DocketWhat is the ‘shadow docket’, and how does it impact the justice system?, , judicial supreme-court the-legal-system
March 10, 2021The State of the UnionWhat is the symbolic and constitutional purpose of the State of the Union?, , executive federal-government presidency
March 3, 2021The Docket: The Case of the Snapchatting CheerleaderWhat First Amendment Rights do students have?, , , , , 1st-amendment free-speech judicial the-docket the-legal-system tinker-v-des-moines
February 23, 2021DC StatehoodWhat are the arguments for and against statehood for Washington, DC?, , federal-government u-s-constitution visual-literacy
February 18, 2021The FilibusterWhat is the filibuster and how does it shape Congressional action?, , , congress federal-government filibuster legislative
February 16, 2021Federal Government and COVID-19What role does the federal government play developing vaccines against COVID-19?, , bureaucracy covid-19 federal-government
February 10, 2021Presidents’ DayWhat is the truth about Presidents’ Day?, observances presidents-day
February 9, 2021ReconciliationWhat is the concept of reconciliation and how does it impact Congress’ constitutional budget making power?, , congress federal-government spending
February 4, 2021The Cabinet, , , cabinet executive federal-government u-s-constitution
January 26, 2021First 100 DaysWhat happens during the first 100 days of a presidency, and why does it matter?, executive federal-government
January 19, 2021Inauguration DayWhat is the symbolism of Inauguration Day, and why does it matter?, , , 20th-amendment inauguration observances presidency
January 14, 2021ImpeachmentWhat is the purpose of impeachment and how does it work?, , , executive federal-government impeachment u-s-constitution
January 13, 2021Dr. Martin Luther King, JrHow do acts of service honor the legacy of Dr. King?, , , , civic-skills civil-rights martin-luther-king-jr observances voting-rights
January 8, 2021The 25th AmendmentHow is presidential power and succession addressed by the 25th Amendment?, , , , 25th-amendment inauguration-day observances presidency visual-literacy
January 7, 2021SeditionWhat is the line between peaceful protest and the threat of sedition?, , first-amendment my-rights-and-liberties sedition
January 4, 2021Controlling the ChambersHow is control and leadership in Congress determined?, , , congress federal-government legislative political-parties
December 15, 2020Inching Towards InaugurationHow does the Electoral College voting process work?, , , , elections electoral-college running-for-office visual-literacy voting
December 9, 2020Runoff ElectionsWhat is a runoff election, and what role do they play in our system?, , , elections legislative running-for-office voting
December 1, 2020Presidential TransitionWhy does the peaceful transition of presidential power matter, and how is it supposed to happen?, , executive federal-government presidency
November 23, 2020The Civil ServiceWhat is the civil service, and how might it connect to the responsibilities of citizenship?, , civil-service federal-government responsibilities
November 17, 2020George Washington’s ThanksgivingHow was Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation connected to the Founding Documents of the United States?, observances thanksgiving
November 10, 2020Veterans DayHow do we honor those who have fulfilled the civic responsibility of military service?, , military observances veterans
November 3, 2020Ocoee Election Day MassacreHow have people fought, and died, for the right to vote?, , , , 15th-amendment florida observances ocoee voting
October 21, 2020US Postal ServiceWhat role does the Post Office play in an election?, , , elections federal-government usps voting
October 21, 2020The Electoral CollegeWhat role does the Electoral College play in presidential elections?, , , , elections electoral-college presidency running-for-office voting
October 21, 2020Election Day 2020What should you be watching for during Election Day?, , , , elections electoral-college presidency running-for-office voting
October 12, 2020Tribal SovereigntyWhat is tribal sovereignty, and how does it impact the relationship between Native tribes and the United States government?, , , columbus federalism indigenous-peoples observances
October 6, 2020Campaign SpendingHow do political action committees impact elections?, , , campaign-spending elections presidency running-for-office
September 29, 2020Battleground StatesWhat is a battleground state and why do they matter?, , , , elections electoral-college presidency running-for-office voting
September 22, 2020Presidential DebatesDo presidential debates matter?, , , debate elections presidency running-for-office
September 10, 2020National Day of Service and RemembranceHow do we honor those who lost their lives on 9/11?, , 9-11 civic-skills observances
September 9, 2020Political Party PlatformsHow can party platforms help us decide our votes?, , , , , elections platforms political-parties running-for-office visual-literacy voting
September 2, 2020Labor DayWhy do we celebrate Labor Day, and how does it reflect civic life and action?, labor-day observances
August 25, 2020Voter RegistrationWhat do we need to know about voter registration?, , elections running-for-office voting
August 18, 2020National Party ConventionsWhat role do conventions play in a political campaign?, , , , conventions elections political-parties presidency running-for-office
August 11, 2020ElectionsHow are elections an example of federalism in action?, , , , 10th-amendment elections federalism running-for-office voting
August 5, 2020Voting RightsHow have voting rights expanded over time?, , my-rights-and-liberties visual-literacy voting
June 30, 2020Civil DisobedienceWhat role does civil disobedience play in American life?, , civil-disobedience natural-rights the-founding
June 23, 2020Consent of the GovernedWhat is the relationship between the concept of the ‘consent of the governed’ and the First Amendment?, , , , doi five-freedoms john-locke natural-rights the-founding
June 16, 2020Natural RightsHow does the concept of natural rights influence the relationship between the government and the people?, , , , doi john-locke social-contract the-founding u-s-constitution
June 11, 2020The Food and Drug AdministrationHow does the FDA reflect the goal to ‘promote the general welfare’?, , , covid-19 federal-government health preamble
June 9, 2020Judicial ReviewHow does the Court’s power of judicial review help levels of government determine what they can and cannot do during a crisis?, , , covid-19 judicial supreme-court the-legal-system
June 4, 2020The Appointment ProcessWhat is the appointment process and what is its purpose?, , , , appointments cabinet checks-and-balances covid-19 federal-government
June 2, 2020TariffsWhat are tariffs, and how can they impact access to needed goods during a crisis?, , , , covid-19 economy federal-government taxes trade
May 28, 2020Task ForcesWhat are government task forces, and how do they fit into constitutional obligations and powers?, , covid-19 executive federal-government
May 26, 2020The National Institutes of HealthHow is support for the general welfare of the public reflected in the work of the National Institutes of Health and similar organizations?, , covid-19 preamble the-founding
May 21, 2020The CensusWhat is the Census, and why does it matter to us?, , , census citizen-you covid-19 responsibility
May 19, 2020Unemployment InsuranceWhat is the origin and purpose of unemployment insurance?, , covid-19 federal-government unemployment
May 14, 2020The Defense Production ActWhat is the purpose of the Defense Production Act?, , covid-19 economy federal-government
May 12, 2020Essential WorkersWho are essential workers and how are they fulfilling civic obligations?, , citizen-you covid-19 obligations
May 7, 2020The First AmendmentHow does the First Amendment apply during a time of crisis?, , , bill-of-rights covid-19 five-freedoms my-rights-and-liberties
May 5, 2020Government PowerWho has the power to make decisions that impact us?, , , , , concurrent-powers enumerated-powers federal-government federalism reserved-powers visual-literacy
April 30, 2020Nongovernmental OrganizationsWhat role do nongovernmental organizations play in supporting the common good?, , , common-good covid-19 ngo the-u-s-and-the-world
April 27, 2020Propaganda and SymbolismHow does propaganda use symbolism to motivate, persuade, or inspire?, , , civic-skills engaged-citizens propaganda symbolism
April 23, 2020The National GuardWhat is the National Guard, and how does it connect to the purposes of government?, , , covid-19 federal-government military state-government
April 21, 2020The CARES ActHow does Congress exercising its spending power to address crisis potentially impact you and your community?, , , covid-19 economy federal-government visual-literacy
April 16, 2020Primary SourcesHow can primary sources tell us about life during significant events?, , , civic-skills covid-19 james-madison my-rights-and-liberties
April 14, 2020Federalism in ActionHow might federalism impact the response to significant national events?, , , 10th-amendment covid-19 federal-government federalism
April 8, 2020The Preamble in ActionHow do current events show the ways in which the government enacts the goals and purposes outlined in the Preamble?, , preamble the-founding u-s-constitution
April 6, 2020Public Health and the Social ContractHow is the concept of public health reflective of John Locke’s idea of the social contract?, , , covid-19 john-locke social-contract the-founding
April 2, 2020The Common GoodWhat is the common good and how does it apply to us today?, , citizen-you common-good covid-19
March 31, 2020Executive OrdersWhat are executive orders and how can they impact us?, , executive-orders federal-government federalism