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Civics in Real Life

Civics is all around us. There is a lot to know about the government and how “We the People” interact with the government and each other. Let’s help each other expand our civic literacy.

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HB5 Lesson Plans

This high school government lesson plan was developed to facilitate instruction and discussion concerning the United States’ founding principles versus totalitarian systems of government.

This lesson is aligned to the expectations of HB 5 (2021): Civic Education Curriculum. Our essential question: Why are the founding principles essential for a free society?

Lesson Plan Doc Lesson Plan PDF Form PDF

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Our friend @IL_CivicsHub has compiled some excellent, and sadly needed resources, for teaching and talking after tragedy. Please take a look.

President Biden recently used the Defense Production Act to try and address the baby formula shortage? What IS the Defense Production Act? Check out this explainer we did during the height of the pandemic! #sschat

FCSS 2022 Annual Conference Now Accepting Proposals