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Compare different forms of government (direct democracy, representative democracy, socialism, communism, monarchy, oligarchy, autocracy).

Lesson Plan

SS.7.C.3.1 Lesson Plan: Comparing Forms of Government.docx.pdf

Benchmark Content Resources for Teachers

Civics On Demand—An Introduction to Benchmark Based Content for Teachers

SS.7.C.3.1 Highlights: Comparing Forms of Government.ppt

Florida Joint Center for Citizenship Civics Assessment Items

Each benchmark assessment bank includes items aligned to low, moderate, and high complexity.

SS.7.C.3.1 Questions.docx
SS.7.C.3.1 Answers.xslx
SS.7.C.3.1 Questions and Answers with Explanations.docx
SS.7.C.3.1 Questions and Answers.docx
Escambia-FJCC Civics Review Site ItemsEscambia.pdf

Civics End-of-Course Assessment Test Item Specifications from FLDOE

SS.7.C.3.1 Benchmark Specifications.pdf
SS.7.C.3.1 Item Specification Review.pdf

Additional Resources to Support this Benchmark

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