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Explain the rights and responsibilities students have in the school community.

Correlated Florida Standards (See Full Text on Cover Page)

  • LAFS.1.SL.1.1
  • LAFS.1.SL.1.2
  • LAFS.1.SL.2.4

Essential Question

  • What responsibilities do students have in the school community?

Learning Goal/Objective

  • Students will identify some of the responsibilities they have in the school community.


  • Students will analyze and discuss images and school or classroom rules in order to identify student responsibilities in the school community.


  • Behavior Images
  • School or Classroom Rules
  • Student Responsibilities handout


  • 15-20 minutes

Activity Sequence


  1. Project the Behavior Images.
  2. Instruct students to describe what they see in the images. Teacher Note: Be sure students point out how the students in the images are misbehaving. This does not need to be an in-depth discussion of each image. They will revisit these images again during the activity.


  1. Pose the following questions for discussion: How can the teacher fix the problems that are going on in these images? How do the school or classroom rules help?
  2. Project the school or classroom rules and keep them projected throughout the activity.
  3. Explain to students that the school and classroom rules are in place to keep students safe and organized in order to have the best school day possible. Explain to students that as a member of the school community, they have the responsibility to act in response to each of these rules. Remind students that a responsibility is something a person should do. Teacher Note: Use your individual school or classroom rules to provide an example of how students should act in response to the rules. For example: Rule – Come to school prepared. Student Action – Bring homework and a writing utensil to school each day.
  4. Pose the following questions for discussion: What responsibilities do you have as a student? How do you act to make sure you are following the rules?
  5. List the ideas on the board. Teacher Note: possible ideas include – stay on task, come to school prepared, be kind to others, don’t make fun of other students.
  6. Place students into pairs and pass out the Student Responsibilities handout.
  7. Explain to students that their task is to correct each image, list the school rule that would help the students behave and explain how the students can ask responsibly instead. Teacher Note: If needed, complete this activity as a whole class.


  1. Review the handout as a whole class.