Data is, of course, what we in education are now obsessed with. Everything comes back to data. How are we doing? Let's look at the data. How have our kids grown? Lets look at the data. How effective are our teachers? Let's look at the data. Well, this is no less true for the work we do here at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship. And, happily, we have some data for you to share in the wonderful infographic our own Mike Barnhardt has put together. Now, we are not normally ones to toot our own horn, but, well, one has to these days, doesn't one?


We are quite proud of the work that we do here, and we hope to be able to continue this work if the legislature continues our funding. We do believe, based on the data that we have gathered, that our work and our resources have had an impact. This is the result of a team effort: Valerie McVey: Curriculum Director Peggy Renihan: Regional Program Coordinator Dr. Elizabeth Washington: Pedagogy Specialist Dr. Terri Fine: Content Specialist Mike Barnhardt: Web Developer Laura Stephenson: Assistant to the Executive Director of the Lou Frey Institute Shena Parks: Office Manager Dr. Doug Dobson: Executive Director of the Lou Frey Institute

One of the most important elements of good citizenship is the ability to work together as a team and collaborate for the common good. Here at the FJCC, we believe that we have that ability and we love our work. We look forward to continuing this sort of self-evaluation over the course of the next year.