John Burkowski, Jr., a board member of the Florida Council for the Social Studies and an excellent Advanced Placement Teacher down in the Dade County area, shares these resources for helping your kids prep for the APUSH Exam through distance education! Check out the excellent resources below.

Suggested Plan of Action for Abbreviated 2020 APUSH Exam:

Plan accordingly with whatever remaining unit topics. Supplement with Jocz Productions / Adam Norris / etc. video reviews available on YouTube.

Use AP Classroom for review and practice questions.


Focus your efforts on the Course Exam and Description key concepts.



APUSH, AP Government, and U.S. History videos for students, history lovers, and weird people on the internet.

CHECK THE WEBSITE ADAM NORRIS: Norris Welcome to your one stop guide to all things APUSH, including textbook chapter reviews. EXAM PREP:

Use AP Classroom through the Personal Progress Checks and teacher-built practice modules.

We will not know the format until April 3, so I recommend primarily focusing your FRQ section efforts on the SAQ 2. It is a primary source based SAQ that I believe would be the most efficient way to focus on all skills for any FRQ we get.


College Board will be adding video reviews for CED unit topics starting this week. Bookmark the playlist for reference and potential implementation.

Also, definitely do thesis development by using released DBQ and LEQ prompts; using Periods 1-7 prompts of course.

I have compiled publicly released Period 1-7 SAQs to use for planning and practice.


Shameless plug for my website for ppts and reviews.