Good afternoon, friends in Civics! We are excited to share a new just-in-time resource for teachers, students, parents, and anyone else looking for ways to connect current events to civics concepts and ideas. You are likely already familiar with our Civics360 resource, and we hope that you find it useful and beneficial. This additional resource, however,  is a new collection of simple and easy-to-do readings and activities, not tied to any particular state standards or benchmarks, that teachers, parents, and kids can use to explore what is happening now and how it connects to big civics concepts and ideas.

Where can we find 'Civics in Real Life'?

What a question! :) You will be able to find the 'Civics in Real Life' resource on the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship website here.  Registration is not required, and we would love for you to share the link with others!

What is in the 'Civics in Real Life' resource?

Each resource will connect to a civics concept, some sort of primary or factual source, enrichment links, and an easy to do/share activity, all contained in a one page PDF that can be shared with students or adapted into an additional expanded activity or lesson.

How often will we get new 'Civics in Real Life' resources? 

The new Civics in Real Life page will be updated twice a week (generally late Tuesdays and Thursdays), and run through the end of the current school year.

What kinds of civics topics will be covered by 'Civics in Real Life'?

The topics covered by this new resource will connect broad civics concepts and ideas to current events. For example, the first few resources will address:

  • Executive Orders
  • The Common Good
  • Federalism

You will also see additional resources on Public Health, the Social Contract, States Rights and Responsibilities, We the People, and more. 

We hope that you will find these useful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at anytime! And don't forget, you can find the 'Civics in Real Life' resource on the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship website here. Be sure also to check out Civics360 for videos and readings that explore additional civics concepts and ideas within a more traditional framework!