Good morning, friends! It's Constitution Day today! September 17th celebrates that day back in 1787 when the Framers and Founders gave us our Constitution. It is, to this day, the oldest written and codified national constitution still in force. Yes, it has flaws and weaknesses, but it has also given us a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and allowed for the growth of liberty and freedom over time in these United States. The fact that it is so very adaptable to the times is important, and it has allowed the nation to work towards those founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, even if it has not always been able to reach them.

Now, if you ask me, every day should be Constitution Day! So where can you find some resources for teaching about Constitution Day?

Students Investigating Primary Sources 

On the Florida Citizen website, you will find a number of primary source-oriented lessons built around the founding documents, targeting grades 3-12 and exposing students to the principles of our founding and the documents that create the framework for the liberties we enjoy today. These were developed in collaboration with the National Archives and with teachers from across the state of Florida. There are lessons there that cover the entire Freedom Week! Our elementary and middle school lesson plans elsewhere on the website also address different aspects of the Constitution and our other founding documents. Be sure to check out these free resources! 

The Civics Renewal Network

How about some resources shared through our friends at the Civics Renewal Network ? Of course, we need to begin with the Preamble Challenge!

Preamble Challenge


Find terrific classroom activities and lessons for all grade levels with the free online Teacher Toolkit. Take the Preamble Challenge, and today, share your videos and photos on Twitter and Instagram using #renewcivics and #preamblechallenge. Let’s see all sorts of creative ideas for learning about the Preamble.

Check out some more CRN-linked resources on the Constitution here! 

For more CRN-linked resources from the FJCC, go here.

Schoolhouse Rock

Well, it IS a classic, isn't it?