You are, we hope, familiar with Civics360, a resource dedicated to providing content and literacy tools for civics instruction. 360 If you aren't familiar with Civics360, it has narrated 5 to 10 minute videos, readings in three languages, vocabulary tools, and assessment resources across a wide variety of civics and government related topics. It does require registration, but it is 100% free. You can find an overview of Civics360 here. One of the most commonly requested resources for Civics360 are activities connected to the modules. This is something that we have been working on, and we are happy to note that we have made some progress on this! We have taken activities from our traditional lessons on Florida Citizen and turned them into short activities on Civics360. They are in a PDF Form format, so students should be able to download and complete them on their own devices as well and print or email them to the teacher. These activities generally involve taking what they have learned to the next level and demonstrating understanding of the content within the module. We have now added stand-alone 'Showing What You Know' activities for the following benchmarks: 1.3 (Road to Independence), 1.5 (Articles), 1.6 (Preamble), 1.7(Limits on Gov Power), 2.4 (The Bill of Rights), 3.1(Forms of Gov), 3.2 (Systems of Gov), and 3.4 (Federalism). Look for the 'Showing What You Know' section on each module page! 1.5 screenshot