Hello dear friends in Civics, and welcome back to a new school year! How about some resources shared through our friends at the Civics Renewal Network to start us off and get us ready for the rapidly approaching Constitution Day! Of course, we need to begin with the Preamble Challenge!

Preamble Challenge

Preamble Challenge

Check Constitution Day planning off your back-to-school to-do list! Find terrific classroom activities and lessons for all grade levels with the free online Teacher Toolkit. Take the Preamble Challenge, and on September 17, share your videos and photos on Twitter and Instagram using #renewcivics and #preamblechallenge. Let's see all sorts of creative ideas for learning about the Preamble. There is also an interactive map where you can sign up and see your school featured.

Check out some more CRN-linked resources on the Constitution here! A More Perfect Union: George Washington and the Making of the Constitution


This animated video from George Washington's Mount Vernon highlights the Constitutional Convention and George Washington's role in the formation of the new government. Events covered in the video include the causes leading to the 1787 Constitutional Convention, the numerous compromises included in the document , and the challenges in ratifying the Constitution. The video has a run time of 23 minutes and is broken into three chapters for easy navigation.

For more CRN-linked resources from Mount Vernon, go here.

Why Do People Form Governments?


Oh, hi! This is an FJCC lesson! How very cool. :) This short lesson for early elementary students is intended to introduce them to the concept of government and how one of the most important purposes of government is to keep us safe. Students will also be introduced to the Constitution and the three branches of government in this lesson from the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship at the Lou Frey Institute.

For more CRN-linked resources from the FJCC, go here. (and we will be adding more to the collection soon!)

Later this month, we will be sharing additional resources from our friends in the Civics Renewal Network, as well as some of our own resources for the upcoming Founder's Month!