Friends in Civics here and Florida and across the country, I just want to take a moment and let you know that the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship has just relaunched its website! We have attempted to make it easier to navigate, more user friendly, and more flexible on the back end in adding features and tools. So what are the most important new features?

Registration Changes

registration changes

One of the first things that you will notice when you arrive at the site and attempt to access the resources is that you will be required to log in and create/update your profile (if you have logged in in the past) or to create a new log in/registration (if this is a first visit or you want to use a different email). You will notice a couple of additions to the profile page. The most important addition is the request for your FLDOE number.


Now, the FLDOE number IS optional, so why are we asking for it? Well, it has become incumbent upon us to be able to illustrate whether or not the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship is having an impact on student achievement across the state. To do so, we need to be able to connect EOC scores stored by the Education Data Warehouse to our work. By providing your FLDOE number, this makes that data effort so much easier. Your data will NEVER be shared with anyone. We thank you for your help on this. Once you have completed your profile, you will be able to access all of the resources you need! And for those that have used our site in the past, the system shouldn't constantly log you out every time you change pages. If you DO wish to log out (but why?), simply click on your name and then press the log out button on the profile page. If you have problems registering on the site, please send me an email!

Civics in a Snap Lessons

The Civics in a Snap lessons are aimed at K-5 classrooms, and provide 15-20 minute lessons centered around the elementary civics benchmarks. For more, take a look at this overview I shared earlier. You can actually preview the lesson before downloading it, which is something that we also hope to do with the 7th grade curriculum soon!

Professional Development Calendar

PD calendar

The FJCC Professional Development Calendar is where you can follow along on our adventures across the state as we work with teachers, schools, and districts to create the best citizens we can for the state. We will also be providing the resources that we used at the specific PD session on this page, though that may not always be available. Finally, we will be putting up a downloadable 'PD request' form that will make it easier to plan who wants what where! :)

The Blog

blog updates

In the future (once we work out the kinks, as with the dates and the layout), the blog will be transitioning to the main website, and you will be able to see the most recent posts right there on the front page of the site! For now, we will continue to post in both places.

Future Developments

As I mentioned, we do have plans to continue revising and improving the website. We are looking at adding some sort of discussion forum, improved feedback options, 7th grade lesson plan previews, greater digital interactivity options, and more. We are open to ideas and suggestions as well! And a big THANK YOU to our own Mike Barnhardt, for his work on the site!!!!