Not that you necessarily need reminding, but don't forget that Thursday the 17th of September is Constitution Day! I will admit that I preferred when it was known as 'Citizenship Day', because we really do not, I think, do enough to recognize the importance of good citizenship and what it means. I suppose that is a topic for another post however. In any case, how are you planning do approach Constitution Day?

Yesterday evening, I had a chance to participate for a time in a Twitter chat at #sschat sponsored by our friends at iCivics. I think that this may be of great interest to you if you are looking to see how other educators across the country are approaching instruction concerning both citizenship and the Constitution. The questions that were asked were deep and provocative, and the participant responses were illuminating, with a number of worthwhile tools and resources shared. I encourage you to check out the storify of the chat! And if you are not on Twitter, why not? It is worth it just to follow the #socialstudies and #sschat hashtags!

Finally, while we have shared resources for Constitution Day and teaching about that precious document before (please see here and here and here and here, among others), the Constitutional Rights Foundation (and is there a better name for a civic education group; I don't think so) offers a great number of lessons and resources that you can use on Thursday or any other day!

The Constitutional Rights Foundation has resources for every grade level!

Of course we have our own lesson plans and resources on the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship site. Register for free and access anything you need.

And we would love to have you do a guest post for us on how you approached Constitution Day or the document itself! Just shoot me an email!