The new Civics in Real Life is now available! Your students may have seen reports of the National Guard deployed in their or neighboring states for a variety of support purposes in the battle against the pandemic. What IS the National Guard, and how does it connect to the purposes of government?


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As a reminder, our topics so far have addressed



Primary Sources

primary sources

Federalism in Action


The Preamble in Action

Preamble Executive Orders CRL EO

the Common Good, CG1

and Public Health and the Social Contract. PH1

Upcoming resources will include Symbolism and Non-Governmental Organizations, among others. We hope that you will find these useful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at anytime! And don’t forget, you can find the ‘Civics in Real Life’ resource on the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship website here. Be sure also to check out Civics360 for videos and readings that explore additional civics concepts and ideas within a more traditional framework!