So this past week, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Council of State Social Studies Specialists (CS4) meeting and the National Council for the Social Studies conference in New Orleans. While there, I had a great conversation with the good people from the Close Up Foundation. Close Up "informs, inspires, and empowers young people to exercise the rights and accept the responsibilities of citizens in a democracy." And oh my goodness do they do a good job of it. Last spring, Close Up worked with both educators and immigrant students in Broward to draft policy proposals and community improvement plans that could be shared in Tallahassee with our state leaders. An overview of their effort and their trip to the state capital is here, and worth a read!

This Friday, these same students, their mentors, and the Close Up Foundation in Broward will be sharing their work with the community. Take a look at the invitation below. It is 10am to 12pm this Friday the 20th of November at Nova Southeastern. Specifics are in the graphic below. This is an incredible opportunity to hear from young people, future citizens all, who care about their communities, their state, and this nation of ours. Let's stop complaining about a lack of engagement from young people; let's show them we care and are proud of them. I look forward to attending this expo, and I hope that you, as a passionate civic educator, will be able to as well. I will be sure to do a follow up on what I saw and heard if you cannot make it!

Expo invite