Friends, some exciting news from the National Archives! To celebrate the approaching anniversary of the 19th Amendment (passed by Congress in June of 1919 and ratified in August of 1920, NARA is offering a free pop up display explaining and celebrating that historic expansion of the franchise! You can reserve your FREE display here starting on Wednesday, 19th September.
The National Archives is offering a free pop up display titled Rightfully Hers
To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment
Spotlighting this landmark moment in American history and what it took to secure voting rights for women, this pop up display contains simple messages exploring the history of the 19th amendment’s ratification, women’s voting rights before and after the 19th amendment, and its impact today.
The link to request one will go live here at Noon EDT on Wednesday, September 19. You will not be able to request one before so mark your calendar! They will go fast!
Displays will be delivered in early March 2019.
Presented in part by Unilever, Pivotal Ventures, Carl M. Freeman Foundation in honor of Virginia Allen Freeman, AARP and the National Archives Foundation.

This new pop up history will be a nice addition to all of the resources available to celebrate our Constitution, especially near Constitution Day! Be sure to check out the Preamble Challenge from our friends at the Civics Renewal Network! Check it out today!