Sept 15 or 16 Madison

Sunday is Constitution Day, so it is perhaps a good time now to share the Founder perhaps most associated with the Constitution: James Madison. Madison is sometimes referred to as the father of the Bill of Rights, and was an influential voice in the effort to replace the Articles of Confederation with a working national government under a federal system. He, like many of the Founders', was a man of contradictions: a believer in liberty while owning slaves, an opponent of the debt and taxes necessary for waging war and yet leading (with some good cause) the United States into an ill-advised war with the British in 1812, and so much more. He was a complex man, this Father of the Constitution. One wonders what he would make of his handiwork today.

You can learn more about James Madison from the National Endowment for the Humanities!

Grab the PowerPoint slide featured in this post: James Madison AFM

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