Sept 22 Middleton American Founders' Month in Florida continues! Today, we will meet George Middleton. Colonel Middleton was one of the leaders of the African-American community in Revolutionary-era Boston, and helped established a predominately African-American militia during the war. This militia, known as 'The Protectors', helped defend property and people in Massachusetts throughout the war.

Colonel Middleton was also a strong advocate for the rights of African-Americans in the new United States. Whether fighting against slavery and for civil and political rights or equal opportunities for education for African-American children, Middleton is a role a model for citizens in the nation, then and now.

"Freedom is desirable, if not, would men sacrifice their time, their property and finally their lives in the pursuit of this?"

Middleton's words ring true today. As we enter Freedom Week, it is important that we remember and recognize all of those that have lived those words throughout our history.

You can learn more about George Middleton from the National Park Service and see his home if you visit the Black Heritage Trail in Boston!

Grab the PowerPoint slide at the top of this post here: George Middleton AFM

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