K-5 Civics Modules for Language Arts & Reading Classes

The K-5 Civics Modules offer lesson plans for all of Florida's K-5 NGSSS civics benchmarks. Lessons are designed to integrate into elementary reading and language arts classes and are aligned to Common Core State Standards. Access is free for teachers. Create an account to login.

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7th Grade Applied Civics Resources for Teachers

Organized by the Florida Department of Education's End-of-Course Reporting Categories (Appendix D), the following materials cover each instructional benchmark tested by Florida's Civics End-of-Course Assessment. Aligned to Common Core State Standards and to Florida's Civics End-of-Course Assessment Test Item Specifications, each benchmark includes the following resources: a lesson plan; content resources for teachers; multiple choice civics assessment items at low, moderate, and high complexity for classroom use; FLDOE's Civics End-of-Course Assessment Test Item Specification, and additional resources to support this benchmark. All materials are free.

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The Civics Connection

Developed in partnership with College Board and the United States Association of Former Members of Congress, the Civics Connection provides video-based, internet-delivered set of lessons that engages former members of Congress to help high school students understand Congress and the issues it faces. Videos and resources are aligned to the AP U.S. Government and Politics curriculum and may be used in other government classes as well. Access is free for teachers. Create an account to login.

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K-12 Florida Student Mock Election

The K-12 Florida Student Mock Election is an internet-based election platform that can be customized by teachers and school administrators to conduct any classroom, school, or mock election at any time during the school year. Classroom or school level reports are generated by the software. Mock election resources include suggested uses of the resource as well as lesson materials on elections. The Mock Election platform is intended to support instructional requirements for NGSSS benchmarks SS.7.C.2.3, SS.7.C.2.7, and SS.912.C.2.3 and to be a resource for elementary teachers who which to introduce students to the election process. During presidential and congressional election years, a variation of this platform is used for the Joint Center's statewide K-12 Mock Student Election conducted in collaboration with the Pearson Education Foundation's National Student Mock Election.


Cities in the Classroom

A community problem solving curriculum developed in partnership with the Florida League of Cities, Inc. Cities in the Classroom offers a framework for school/city partnerships that provide young people with pathways to becoming engaged and responsible citizens of their cities, towns, and villages. This resource is currently aligned to 7th grade Next Generation Sunshine State Standards; however it can be easily adapted for K-12 students. Access is free for teachers. Create an account to login.

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K-12 Civics Integration into Language Arts & Reading Resource Guide

The Resource Guide for teachers identifies language arts and reading resources in currently adopted instructional resources that align with Florida’s K-12 NGSSS civics benchmarks. Access is free for teachers. Create an account to login.

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