A Procedure to Simplify the Florida Student Mock Election using DoubleClick Democracy

By using the "unlock" procedure in DoubleClick Democracy, it is possible to conduct the Mock Election with minimal effort on the part of the KVFL Affiliate or the Ballot Administrator who is coordinating at the school or district level. The steps are outlined below.

  1. If the schools in your district are not in your DCD account, you can download them from the Florida Student Mock Election page. Save the file. In DCD go to the Schools Tab, click "import schools" and follow the instructions.
  2. In the Ballots Tab, create a ballot for your Mock Election using the 2016 KVFL Presidential Elections Master Ballot, which includes Presidential and Florida U. S. Senate candidates.
    • Edit the ballot, if desired, to add congressional, state legislative, local races, referenda items as needed.
    • Set the Start and End Dates for the Mock Election
    • Set Enable Unlock Code to "Yes"
    • Set the Unlock Code to KVFL
    • Check Enable Public View of Results
    • Click Update Ballot
    • Click Preview Ballot to verify that it is correct
    • Record the Ballot Link
  3. Email participating teachers the following information (If teacher emails are not available, request that the district office distribute to teachers).
    • Ballot Link
    • School Code (the Federal Id code you uploaded)
    • Unlock Code (KVFL)
  4. Instruct participating teachers to do the following (If multiple computers are being used for voting stations, this procedure must followed for each):
    • A. Open the Ballot Link with your browser
    • B. Click Unlock on the Vote page
    • C. Enter the Unlock Code and the School Code
    • D. Confirm the Ballot
    • E. Instruct students to make their vote choices and submit their ballot. After the Ballot is submitted, a new ballot will appear for the next student. Repeat this process until all students have voted. Note that students should be observed to insure that each student votes only one time. (Since this procedure bypasses Voter Ids, it is possible to vote multiple times. Please ensure that this does not happen.)
    • F. Lock the Ballot (To ensure that no accidental votes are cast)
    • G. Repeat this procedure as necessary for other classes to vote.
  5. Instruct participating teachers that they may view their school results after voting by opening their browser to dcdonline.org/admin/users/signin and logging in using their Report User Name and Report User Password. Report user names and passwords are unique for each school.

The Report User Name and Report User Password for each school in Florida can be obtained by downloading the Excel School Username Password 2016 file. Open the Excel file and click "Find & Select" in the upper right portion of the toolbar. Choose "Find" and enter you school name. The Report User Name will be in Column C and the Report User Password will be in Column D.