The Civics Classroom: An Online Professional Development Course Series for Both New and Experienced Civics Educators

"I just wanted to thank you for offering the online Civics Modules, I learned so much during the first one and can't wait to implement some of the things I learned."
—A beginning civics teacher
"Thank-you also for the course- I learned quite a bit about how to teach Civics in Florida and to especially to 7th graders."
—An experienced teacher new to civics in Florida

So what is 'The Civics Classroom' about?

This program will provide both new and experienced civics educators with a supported professional learning experience while teaching middle school civics. They will learn, implement and reflect on educational best practices, engage with a cohort of other educators and network with experienced civic education professionals.

Many of these modules will assist with satisfying the Florida Department of Education recertification requirement of professional development in teaching students with disabilities; however, each school district is responsible to ascertain if the content of professional learning activity completed by a school district employee satisfies the content requirement for teaching students with disabilities credit.

Course One

A Prepared Classroom will focus on understanding the role of course descriptions and the Civics End-of-Course Test Item Specifications, utilizing curriculum and pacing guide resources, strategically planning and preparing for instruction, as well as providing data informed instruction based on formative and summative data.

Continuing education points for this course will be based on completion of the pre and post tests, submission of student data as well as active participation in the threaded discussions.

The new cohort for Course One will open on November 11th, 2018. You can enroll yourself in the course here! Or, and use the following join code: KWYTK4

This course will be offered multiple times during the 2018-2019 school year. Cohort three is tentatively set for mid-January.

Interested in earning renewal points for participating in this course? Be sure to sign up through PAEC's system. You can find a walk-through below!

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Course Two

A Cognitively Complex Classroom will focus on understanding the role of cognitive complexity when facilitating instruction and assessment, utilizing strategies and structures, and developing learning activities that integrate English Language Arts and disciplinary literacy skills.

Course Two is tentatively scheduled to begin in late Winter. Watch this space for a course link.

Course Three

A Cohesive Classroom will focus on identifying and understanding the needs of students for scaffolded and differentiated supports aligned with the Universal Design for Learning. The goal is to develop a responsive civics classroom that builds academic and social-emotional competencies.

Course Three is tentatively scheduled for mid-January. Watch this space for a course link.